The Assessment is time where we talk about what your dogs home, work and play life is like. To ensure confidentiality and allow you time to express yourself and tell your dogs story in detail we always do this 1-2-1. During this time this is your opportunity to tell us what you feel is the problem so that we can either agree and come up with a plan or maybe hearing an alternative theory can shed new light on the situation. This could be the answer you are looking for.

Your dog benefits from meeting a variety of dogs before joining one of groups. It prepares your dog for a pack environment and the rules and boundaries that they have in place to ensure the protection of the pack. This can be daunting for some dogs so we take the time to introduce them one by one, this takes time and patience.

Please phone before booking ... I look forward to speaking with you. You are only one step away from finding the answer to your problem.

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