Dogs should be dogs

Dogs crave a Best Boss

We have a dog for a reason


We advocate natural feeding

We advocate off lead exercise

Most dogs live alone with their human pack. In these instances lack of exercise is effectively putting a dog into isolation, we believe in short that its wrong and leads to many behavioural problems. Dogs have the right to be amongst their own kind, should they chose to spend that time alone then that is also their right. We have a group of people we refer to as people watchers, they watch as others engage in life but prefer not to participate themselves, I'm sure you know someone like that. Every dog is entitled to this time off lead even if they do not want to run around. They are entitled to find out what is going on in their community and participate should they chose to do so.

We believe that a dog must be exercised everyday for at least an hour.
This is absolutely necessary for a dog to complete any behavioural programme.