Poppy - Destructive Behaviour

'We couldnt be happier! Poppy has much happier and has stopped her destructive behaviour, we have just decorated our kitchen and it looks beautiful!!!'

Hey, I'm Poppy. I am live wire always busy. Lynette says that it is part of the reason why I become destructive when I feel any stress. I would bark all the time as I was so upset and this caused me to poo and pee when I was left alone. It was driving my Mum and Dad mad. They couldnt find the answer to help me. I was close to being rehomed. Fortunately my Mum and Dad loved me enough to try and figure why I was doing what I was doing so that they could get me to stop. It sounds bizarre but not knowing I felt the way I did made my behaviour worse.

I have been coming to the Naughty Dog School for about 2 years I miss it when we dont come training.

What I love about the Naughty Dog School is how I am supported in every way. From time to time when I feel the stresses and strains of life the Naughty Dog Team send me Reiki and talk it out with my Mum and Dad. The Naughty Dog School know I am a good girl at heart and as such my Mum and Dad never lost faith that I would be ok in the end. Plus I get to play and teach the new dogs and puppies that join. My life at the Naughty Dog School is just one big playground for me and I love it!

Being with the other dogs, playing, working and teaching it gives me purpose. Plus I wake my Mum and Dad up early so they have time to walk me before they go to work. This helps to relax me and I sleep most of the day.

I now feel safe and secure. As a result I am calmer, quieter and now my Mum and Dad might be able to decorate!

Poppy 2

Instructors Say ...

Often owners and dog trainers focus their attention at the problem rather than seeing the problem as a symptom.

Poppy is a tiny thing considering she is a GSD/Collie. When we first saw her we were shocked, that Poppy a little cute funny dog was responsible for all that damage, threats from the neighbours and more than a few cross words!

From a behaviour point of view, we felt at the time that her Mum and Dad's living arrangements were too much of strain on Poppy and our advice was to re-home. We are very happy to say that Poppy's Mum and Dad have proved us wrong, by implementing all of the suggestions made at the Naughty Dog School they have been able make Poppy feel safe and secure in her own home. The destruction has stopped, reports from the neighbours are good and her Mum and Dad are more relaxed with her.

Poppy's Mum and Dad have made some concessions. In order for Poppy to feel SAFE they had to change their routine.

Poppy continues to be our Gazelle in the group, she is happy, lively, interactive and on occasions pushy, she is a wonderful dog and we are very pleased that it all worked out for Poppy and her family.

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