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Recall & Loose Lead Masterclass

Want this kind of recall from your dog???  I know most people would give their right arm if they could get even half the response I get with my boys!


Imagine walking through the woods or the park and your dog is given freedom because you KNOW that you have a SUPER HOT recall!!


As a double whammy for you we have included our LOOSE LEAD games to help you feel the pride of having a responsive dog that just walks by the side of you!!


So, you are out and about …  your dog COMES when called and STAYS with you!!  How wonderful would that feel?  No more wondering where your dog is or having your arm pulled out of its socket holding onto a pulling dog!


Dream no more!!  Our games are great at teaching your dog a reliable recall and loose lead walking!!






Recall is right up there in list of things dogs hate to do!  It’s as simple as that!  Dogs want to chase squirrels, sniff, run, play and just breathe.  This all STOPS when the dog hears his name.  It is very easy for your dog to cop a deafen when his mind is 70% engaged with his most favourite activity, sniffing!


If you want your dog to come back you have to provide something that your dog wants to come back to!  Food often will not cut it.  Most of the time owners are simply mugged for their treat before their dog has gone off again!


Game Based and Choice Led training is perfect as you are going to train your dog the way he/she wants to be trained!  Getting your dog to choose to be with you rather than running off causing mayhem you have to get your dog to WANT to come to you!


You will see that within an hour your dog will be more willing to engage with you and by the end of the second hour your dog will be walking with you as if he/she had always done so.


Join our Combo workshop encompassing recall and loose lead walking!


Follow on groups are available.


All of the dogs in this video are Game Based and Choice Led!


There are no electric shock collars or any other collar that is designed to interrupt a dogs behaviour being used.


NO prong or e-collars!!  NO slip leads or check chains!!

See why everyone loves us!

Want a well-behaved dog 

without all the fighting?

This is for you if you are open-minded enough to think outside the box of 

dog training and behaviour and embark on a different thought pattern.

This is for you if you have tried the mainstream and you just are not getting 

the results you expected.


Blackwell's recipe for a good dog you can take anywhere!

Holistic 4 week programme

If you are reading this then you are looking for a solution to your problem dog. Chances are you have been looking for sometime and may have attended other classes without much success or the feeling of just being baffled by it all!

Our recipe is easy to follow and given to you in bite-size chunks. Over our 6 weeks together you solve many of your problems with your dog and you feel better too!

07961 502 641

Our Super Successful Holistic Programme

During our 4 weeks together:

You will discover how to get your dog to want to do things for you!

You will play games that will bring you that all-important recall.

You will understand your dog and why he/she behaves the way he/she does.

You will feel in control, strong, ready and able to handle any situation!

There are follow on classes if you want to continue learning with us!!


Here are some video testimonials too!!



This is Miranda talking about how NDS has

helped her boy, Sarge, with his anxiety around traffic and 

entire dogs.



This is Danielle talking about how NDS has

helped her boy, Ernie, with his recall, walking nicely

on lead and listening skills



This is Gemma talking about how NDS has

helped her girl, Peanut, with her anxiety around other dogs



This is Tania, she is talking about how 

NDS has helped her and her dog, Betty!



This is Tim, he is talking about how NDS helped tame his

ever so nice but very excitable labrador, Bruce

Just a few of the many messages we have received from very happy clients!

Do you want to be  SUCCESSFUL at training your dog?

The first step is to contact me!!

We have over 20 years of experience working with dogs with and without issues.

We KNOW what it is like to have a dog that you cannot seem to do anything with!

We take a different APPROACH to dog training use HOLISTIC methods which are SUCCESSFUL and FUN!!


Don't DELAY!



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Want to find out more about how I can help YOU???

Please contact me, 

Lynette Blackwell

for an informal chat on how my 

Naughty Dog School 

can help you have the dog you have always wanted!! 

Don't delay call me today

07961 502 641

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